Over 7000 Dangerous
Products Have Been
Banned on Our Recommendations Worldwide

Around 3445 Hazardous Produts are in Process of Getting Banned in 37 Countries
Our Resolve is to Make Our World a Healthy Place and Save our Generations From Health Complications

We Are a Strong Force With Aim to Protect and Promote
Your Health
The mission of the association today, as defined by its members is:

  Keeping a watchful eye on the medicine market across the world, addressing the complaints, conducting a series of laboratory tests on a over-the- counter medicine food supplement or a consumer product in question before starting a movement  for its ban! 
  Advising relevant governments to ban a hazardous medicine or product and probe in to illegal profits of the vendor along with launching a media campaign for the awareness of the masses.
Co-ordinating and representing the views of the medical fraternity in discussions with government and other stakeholders
Provision of advice to its members on all aspects of regulations including advertising regulations and the International Medicinal Proprietary Codes of Advertising Practice
The continuation and expansion of self regulation as the means to control the marketing of over the counter medicines and food supplements
Development of a fair and positive regulatory environment within which the industry can develop innovative products
The promotion of self care and self-medication and the appreciation of its role in underpinning health care are the world
Provision of information to the media which is evidence based, supported by independent expert opinion and timely.

Companies who market medicines and food supplements to the public can request the association for certificate of medicinal standard before marketing the branded products and must be be willing to agree to be bound by Word Doctors Association's  standards and Codes relating to Advertising and Pack Design. There are currently 842 companies benefiting from our advice and medicinal standard certificates.

In addition WDA welcomes associate members who are interested in providing us research based support regarding medicines, consumer products. We welcome research and relevant based complaints by our members related to medicines and consumer-products available in market. After initial investigation, tests and reports, we launch media campaign along with advising the relevant governments to banned the medicine or product!

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